Testing Google Glass on Alfheim

The Corpore Sano Centre undertakes high-impact life sciences research and innovation at the intersection of computer science, sport science, and medicine. This interdisciplinary collaboration is specifically focused on technology innovations in the convergence space of mobility, social networking, cloud computing, big medical data, and the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Understanding the healthy human being is key, in particular since our goal is to develop personalized intervention technologies that might yield long-term improvements in the health and wellness of people.

Interdisciplinary research targets elite sport performance development and injury prevention; preventive health care; large-scale population screening; epidemiological health studies; and supervised health recovery problems. Computer science focus areas include applications of IoT devices and cellular phones; efficient monitoring, collection and back-end storage systems; machine learning and advanced analytics systems; and user interaction and social media integration. Fault-tolerance, privacy, and security are key research topics integral to all other research problems investigated, so “system robustness by design” is a first-order principle.

In-depth interactions between academics, key industry and public stakeholders, and end-users impact research undertaken. We are developing fully deployed, real-world system and application prototypes as part of our experimental systems-oriented research.