Personal Data Systems Workshop 2016

Hotel Edge, Tromsø, Norway, September 6, 2016

Personal data systems and their applications are currently gaining momentum. Recent technological advances have introduced new types of personal sensors and devices (for example, Google Glass, Narrative Clip or Apple’s iWatch) which allow the individual to compile vast archives of personal data, commonly referred to as lifelogs.

Captured over a long period of time, these heterogeneous digital lifelogs can provide a detailed picture of the activities of an individual and pose new challenges for many domains of computer science, such as data acquisition, semantic analytics, information retrieval, supporting run-time infrastructures, data management, data security, privacy, and preservation. Apart from technical challenges arising from data monitoring, collection, storing, analyzing, and accessing such vast amount of data, various additional aspects need to be considered that are concerned with the impact on these new technological advances both for individuals as well as for society as a whole. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that lifelogging is receiving increasing attention within the research community, and is fast becoming a mainstream research topic. The International Personal Data Systems workshop 2016 will have this focus and specific programme.