Corpore Sano Infrastructure: Quantified Athlete Technology

The Corpore Sano Infrastructure Network (CSIN) is an integrated networked partnership of user facilities serving the needs of scientists and select professionals in elite sports. The mission of CSIN is to research, develop, and enable technology infrastructures for advancements in sport science, nutritional science, and medicine. 

To facilitate and foster practical adoption and realistic evaluation of scientific results, select CSIN user-partners will be provided access to laboratories and technology infrastructures that can be integrated and tested in day-to-day operations. We are in particular involved in one such field laboratory located at Alfheim stadium in Tromsø, Norway.

Our first technology infrastructure offered jointly by ForzaSys (free software licensing) and UiT Computer Science (free hosting) is PMSys. This service provides a networked lifelogging toolkit for athletes and associated coaches, medical staff, and sport scientists.  This cloud-based journal of important performance data can include, for instance, physical performance, mental state, biometric parameters, sleep and restitution, dietary consumption, and contextual parameters.

The PMSys system is currently in regular use by Norwegian national team coaches and soccer players located in professional clubs throughout Europe, and by several elite soccer clubs in Norway and Denmark. This infrastructure service is offered free of charge for all the clubs in the Norwegian premier soccer league (men)for the 2017 season. Other infrastructure user cohorts from different sports are currently being added.